Hello 4ºC students:

We have to write a comic about the story  we have been practising with me and Diana about the book. We will see your wonderful creations next Thursday.

There are just 6 scenes of the story. Here we go!!!!! 

The children got to the zoo and it began to rain/  They went to the museum/ They looked at a big dinosaur and Biff took a photo of the dinosaur / The children went to a shop. Nadim got a model of an Apatosaurus/  The children went to Biff´s room and began to do Chip´s model/  The magic key began to glow. It was time of a magic adventure.

Let´s enjoy a lot.

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  1. Nos encantan los comics! Great idea! Aimar y Maite

  1. Thank you! A mí también. Especialmente los de superhéroes de Marvel.

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