Tips to make a description. 

1.What Does He/She Look Like?

 Here are some examples of what you’ll want to include:

He / she is wearing . He / she has......
  • Blond hair
  • Blue,green , black   eyes
  • Mustache/beard
  • Wearing glasses....
  • Bald
  • Long/short hair
  • Straight—curly
  •  Body Shapes: circular, round, square, rectangular, oval, big, small

Also some opposites to include:

  • Tall—short
  • Handsome/beautiful/attractive/lovely—ugly/unattractive
  • Pretty/cute—plain
  • Young/old
  • Heavy-set (a better option than fat)—thin/slim/slender

2.What Is He/She like?

Here are some good adjectives to start with and add to
. As always provide clear definitions with concrete examples:

  • Smart/intelligent/clever
  • Silly/funny
  • Nice/lovely/cute
  • Sweet
  • Generous
  • Honest
  • Friendly Undfriendly
  • Untidy/ tidy
  • Mean / good­
  • Shy/quiet
  • Outgoing
  • Polite/rude
  • Angry = cross

Click in the link /picture below  to play a game.

Gracias al profesor Toni Bernabéu , podemos jugar y aprender el correcto uso de la g y de la j.
¡A divertirse, Astrokids!

Let´s make a review of the second part of the unit.