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·         TITLE-     The tragical and magical cinema.
·         AUTHOR- José María Jimeno Mena.
·         RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP-      Year six or five.
·         CHARACTERS- Teacher, Paula,Emilio, Juanfran, Laura, Marta, Malus Maliximus.

·         SYNOPSIS.

The whole class of year six are at the cinema cause the teacher has planned an school activity to learn about the Romans, watching a documentary called “The amazing journey of a Roman child”. Something strange is happening at the cinema, that makes the kids travel through the time from current Madrid to the old and ancient Rome.
The bad emperor  Malus Maliximus has kidnapped their teacher, and some of the kids are going to try to rescue him from the evil awful guy.
After some tryouts and challenges the kids will get the teacher back and they will guess some games to know how to come back to the present again and be in Spain nice and safe.

The teacher.
He´s a very good guy, firm but fair. He loves teaching, Arts and Sports.
He´s quite happy with the kids and the kids too, so their aim is learning and having fun.
Malus Maliximus
The empire rises again. Malus wishes to rule the world under his thumb.
He hates teachers, kids, but he loves guessing games, puzzles and riddles.
She is tall, she has blond and long hair. She really likes Science and she is always making experiments and learning new things.
Emilio is short and she has black hair. She is completely mad about sports. He loves basketball, football and volleyball.
Juanfran has glasses and he has red hair. He absolutely like reading and inventing stories about everything.
Laura is the smartest person in the group. She is very skilled and has an impressive deductive mind.
Marta has short and black hair. She loves music and dreams about to be a film director like Spilberg.
Perrus Falderus and two centurions.
Malus Maliximus right hand. He´s always doing what Malus forces him to do.With no special abilities, and not a very bright mind, Perrus Falderus follows Malus cause he has not more things to do.

Class preparation:

Class should be ready to act. There will be eight , boys and girls, who are going to be the characters, one director that needs to help the teacher and the actors, one front of house manager to help the audience and introduce the play and five set designers to draw and create some stuff to the play. The rest of the class will be the audience and they have to act in a different play.


Scene 1: At the cinema
Every character except Malus and Perrus appears on stage and introduce themselves with a brief sentence. They are talking about what kind of documentary they will watch. At the end of it something strange is happening with the screen that makes the kids disappear and travel through the time, Malus and Perrus are on stage laughing and singing cause they have just kidnapped the group .
Scene 2: In Prison  in the Emperor´s  palace(Malus, Perrus and the teacher)
Malus is trying to convince the teacher to forget every single knowledge he has and join him in the crusade to conquer and rule the world. At the end of the scene, Perrus goes to keep an eye on the kids and their cells.

Scene 3: In Prison in Augustus temple (the group of students)
 The kids are all in the same cell in prison and they are unhappy. They don´t know where the teacher is and they seem very worried about that. They think of making a plan to escape. They have a beautiful idea to escape from this cell.  
Two centurions are in front of the jail talking about  Cristianus and Leus , some famous gladiators.At the end of scene 3 Perrus comes to the temple and suddenly loses the jail keys and the kids could escape from there.

Scene 4: In the streets of Rome (just the group of kids)
The kids are running through the ancient streets of Rome. Perrus and the centurions are chasing after them. They realize that the teacher is locked in Malus´ palace. They must think of a plan. They decide to be divided in two groups.
At the end of the scene we can see Perrus and the centurions trying to catch the children.

Scene 5: The Roman Baths ( Paula, Juanfran and Marta)
The kids are in the public baths of Rome. They need to get rid of  Perrus and  the centurions. Using their skills and abilities they have a brilliant idea. Why if we use science to impress these “Roman beasts” and save our teacher.

Scene 6: Hiding in a room in the Colosseum. (Laura and Emilio).
Laura and Emilio are  in the Colosseum designing a plan to rescue the teacher, they are in the crowd cause today is a “games day”. The people  wants to see their Champs and the Emperor´s has a very important thing to announce in front of the Roman citizens.
(Malus is taking the teacher to the  Colosseum to show him as a trophy)

Scene 6: In the Colosseum (the guessing game)
The kids are all together again. They have decided to challenge Malus to a guessing game in front of all Rome. If they win they could rescue the teacher and get back the schools, if not the will be slaves in Rome and the will make Malus´homework.

Scene 7: Going back in time. (at the cinema again)

After beating Malus and their  acolytes, (with no violence, using their brains) Malus will be a different governor and he will help the kids and the teacher to get back home. They could travel if  they push one tile in a mosaic that has an image of a cinema. (they say goodbye to everyone in Rome)

At the end of the stage they will be at the cinema laughing and singing (A happy song is singing ) Play it loud!!!!

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