Do you want to review  the units of Social and Natural sciences ?

Let´s have a look on the following power point.

Si quieres repasar la propiedad distributiva o tienes dudas , haz click en la foto que se muestra abajo.

Ya verás como es muy sencillo.

Buenas noches y hasta mañana.

We have a new presentation of Social Sciences.

 Thanks to Marta and Teresa , 4ºA students, we can learn and review some things about geography and our planet Earth .
 They made a strong effort and a very good work, well done girls!!

Let´s keep on learning and sharing your new activities with all of us.

Thanks to David of year 4ºA, I proudly present to you this beautiful presentation about Europe.

It is quite useful to learn new things about our continent, and improve your English

Thanks so much Dave.

Thanks to Sandra of year 4ºB, we have this wonderful map ready to know what time is it, no matter where you are, at any particular place all over the world or just if you have foreing friends .

This is quite useful and maybe you will need it in the future when you will travel around the world.

Have a wonderful week, and thanks to Sandra again.

SEE YOU !!!!

Hello kids!!!

What a rainy weekend pupils!! It´s been a bit boring, cause you can not play outside with your family and friends. But it is fantastic to our resources, plants need water and the countryside  too.  Feel the oxygen inside your lungs!!

 Talking about our Earth, let´s review two beautiful videos quite useful to learn and improve your knowledges.

See you tomorrow!!!!!!!

Let me introduce to you!!

The Jaguar Powers!!!!

Here we are, ready to work, learn and have fun.