Do you want to sing with us?

Would you like to sing with your mummy, daddy, brother, sister or your pet at home?

Let´s click on the following image and you will discover a list of beautiful songs.
Then , you have to fill the gaps with a suitable word trying to complete the whole lyrics. Let´s get a 100%.
Good luck 

You can actually learn the lyrics and improve your English while you are singing as we did in classroom the other day.

Enjoy a lot my friend.

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  1. Hola
    Chema me encanta lo que as puesto

  1. Hola Chema. Me encanta el british museo . Un saludo Sandra.

  1. Hola Chema.Me gusta lo que has puesto para las vacaciones. Un saludo Sandra.

  1. Muchas gracias Sandra. Disfruta mucho de las vacas.

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